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Crystal Clean Ltd.


Hit and Miss Carpet Cleaning
Regular Planned Maintenance

Meet George!

George had his carpets cleaned in his Professional Office & he is THRILLED!

It was easy to schedule, convenient for his staff as cleaning was done after his office was closed for the day. His staff had very little to do to prepare for our arrival, and very little to do to re-organize and get back to work the next day! What George loved most is that the carpets were completely dry in an hour after the cleaning was done! Their office was ready go go by 9 PM that night!

We’ll help you figure out a schedule and systematic approach that’ll keep everything looking tip top. Clean carpets at the office and storefront improve employee moral, staff are healthier with less sick leave, customers will spend more time in your store thereby spending more dollars in your store. Everyone simply feels better.

It’s easy to find out more what Crystal Clean ltd. can do for your business! Just give us a call 403 381-0015.

When the office carpets are looking beyond hope, trust Crystal Clean Ltd to get them looking great once again!

Lack of good proper vacuuming & regular maintenance carpet cleaning will leave carpets permanently damaged. However, our specialized equipment will help restore carpets and get them looking their BEST! We offer restorative carpet cleaning when we bring carpet back from a near death experience or far better yet is a planned maintenance regular carpet cleaning, whether that is every month or 2, 6 months or even annual cleaning. Each commercial carpet has its own unique environment that needs careful planning for best economic and best looking results.

The mechanical action of the Showcase Carpet Cleaning System. This system almost always out cleans big expensive truckmounts in most commercial applications. We place special pads under this unit to remove dirt and make carpets look fantastic. Guaranteed!

You'll be shocked at how well our Showcase Carpet Cleaning System cleans commercial carpet. Have a look at the photo's below of a local photographers office before & after pictures. This was cleaned by our Showcase Carpet Cleaning System. The carpet had not been professionally cleaned for 3 years prior to this cleaning. But what this photographer did not know is that if his carpet was cleaned every 9 months or so, his carpet would last about 22 years instead of 12 years before it would need expensive and inconvenient replacement! Regular planned scheduled carpet cleaning makes a huge difference!

Just give us a call for a FREE local inspection/assessment of your business and we'll discuss in detail the plans to restore your commercial carpets.