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Crystal Clean Ltd.


IICRC Certified FabriCare

Even Little Behinds Deserve a Clean Seat!

Tired of using slip covers to hide spots & dirt? Let us help make a difference with our awesome furniture cleaning. We have the option to clean on-site or in-shop. You will see brighter colors, have a softer feel, and those embarrassing spots will be gone.

Let us brighten your day and your home! You will love how we clean your furniture making it bright, beautiful and spotless once again. You will also love the easy service with a smile and our convenient appointments. Furniture and other decorating tell much about the personalities that live in a home. The cleanliness around the home is sensed by your guests when they visit with you - on your furniture!

How easy and convenient is it to have your furniture cleaned?

We will come to your local home for a free quote! Our IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaners will arrive with a smile, determine what kind of fabric is on your furniture, determine the best way to get it clean, determine if there are any special considerations and whether this particular fabric needs a fabric protector on it. We'll leave you the exact quote for its total professional care! No Gimmicks, No Sales Pressure, No Hidden Charges, No Kidding!

When you decide to proceed, we'll schedule your appointment(s). Most of our furniture is cleaned in our shop. Why? We can clean it better & safer in our shop! About 20% better! We can see it after it is dry after its thorough initial cleaning. We inspect it, then if there is any spots remaining we can deal with them, or if an arm is still looking dull etc, maybe even re-clean the entire piece. Furniture is often left too long between cleanings and it is often far more finicky fabrics in homes these days which means that in home cleaning, which we certainly can do if that is the right choice, may not be the best choice. Ultimately, we only want to deliver Absolutely Awesome Cleaning and we'll do whatever we need to in order to reach that goal. We usually need furniture for 24 - 48 hours at our shop, so it is not too inconvenient and is returned 100% dry and ready to use. When needed, we pick up &/or deliver furniture in the evening as well. It does not cost more or less when we clean furniture in our shop vs in your home - we just get to do it better! Often, clients who are cleaning furniture as well have us clean the carpets while the furniture is in the shop and maybe even do some spring cleaning such as wall washing etc. Convenient all around! Some of our more energetic clients prefer to save a little money and drop off their furniture themselves & then pick it up again. Either way, you will love the end results of your furniture cleaning experience - its Guaranteed!

How do we clean furniture? That is a fairly complicated answer because there is sooo many fabric choices out there. Each fabric type of Cotton, Rayon, Microfibre, Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon, Olefin / Polypropylene has its own unique characteristics and demands for proper cleaning. Many of these fibres are mixed in the making of furniture fabrics. This is a very good reason why you should not trust your furniture cleaning to anyone other than an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner.

All synthetic fibres can be 'wet cleaned' aka 'steam cleaning'. If your furniture is best cleaned this way, we will Pre-spray the fabric with the right cleaning agent for the fabric choice. This is equivalent to pre-soaking the dishes in the sink before washing - it just makes everything go better & easier & more successful. More dirt will be removed! Then, we'll flush the dirt away with temperatures of more than 180°F. Hotter water dissolves more oily soils such as hair oil and grime around arms of your favorite chair. Some styles of fabrics then need to have the pile set such as velvets. Your furniture will then receive the fabric protection it needs - if it needs it. We will not sell you something you do not need! Then your furniture will go into the dry tunnel for drying - usually dry in less than 2 hours. After this, it will be inspected to ensure an Absolutely Awesome clean has been done. If its not Awesome, then we'll redo the remaining spots, arms or whatever needs to be done to make it Awesome! We'll then deliver it back to you!

Cotton, Rayon / Viscose, Wool, Silk all require more specialized care. These more challenging to clean fabrics are all moisture sensitive and have more stain retention ability issues because each of these fibres like to absorb considerable more moisture when the get wet, and are longer drying as they release moisture. Therefore, we adjust how we clean these fabrics. We have the ability to clean these with very little moisture as to prevent concerns mentioned above and still deliver remarkable results. You will want to consult your Master Cleaning Technician in regards to your specific piece.

You may have read on a label on your furniture about 'dry clean only' or the cleaning code "S". This code is often placed on fabrics containing Cotton, Rayon / Viscose, Wool, Silk as to discourage homeowners from attempting to clean it themselves because the dangers are real when using a home machine on the fabrics. While yes we certainly can "dry clean" furniture, it often is not practical & not the right choice as dry cleaning solvents do not remove much water based soil - most of the soils found on furniture are water based. The real answer to cleaning these fabrics is using a very low moisture cleaning system as discussed above.

What about Fabric Protectors? Do we really need them? Each fibre has its own characteristics and as such, that is what determines if it does or does not need protectors. We will also discuss what the future is for the piece of furniture as a consideration to whether it is needed or not. A rule of thumb is that about 80% of the fibre choices listed above need protectors. The only fibres, in our opinion that often do not need Fabric Protection is Olefin / Polypropelene ( 2 words for the same product) and Microfibre, the rest all benefit greatly from it.

If you have any more questions, we'd love to hear from you! Please give Maria a call in the office at 403 381-0015 and she would love to help you with the answers! You can also use the "send us a question" form.