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Leather...Beautiful and Elegant. Intended on being the answer for easy maintenance and longevity. However due to dryness, sun damage, & perspiration, leather eventually cracks and splits appear when not taken care of properly. Now something that you were once proud of, is an embarrassment and replacement becomes sooner than planned. Hopes for perfect furniture – dashed.

Don't learn the hard way. Prevent dry leather conditions with regular maintenance. Receive professional care for your furniture before these symptoms appear. Our LeatherCare Technician will be able to identify your leather type and help you keep your leather furniture lasting a long, long time through regular scheduled care intervals. Normally this is every 2 -3 years in most homes.

Our LeatherCare methods remove soils & newspaper smudges that make your furniture visually unappealing. We will reapply the natural animal fats in leather to make it softer & rejuvenate moisture levels thereby restoring its natural beauty. This conditioner also protects the leather from spillage and day to day living experiences.

We use and recommend LeatherMaster brand of products. They have a tremendous selection of products for many conditions known to leathercare. If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to call or email us or check out the "Tell Me More" link above.