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Crystal Clean Ltd.


IICRC Certified PetCare & Odor Control

PetCare is one of our specialties that we are well known for, have an extreme passion for, and have even taught it to other cleaners as an IICRC Certification Continuing Education Credit Class.

Taking care of pets is one of the most common stains we resolve. These are also one of the most complex! However, You'll Love the results of our PeeBe Gone process.

Most urine after being on the carpet will go to the backing of the carpet. Our findings indicate the urine from pets over 15 lbs will go into the underlay, and urine from pets over 35lbs can go all the way into the subfloor below.

Our PeeBe Gone technology and specific tools not only treat the urine in the carpet, but also underlay. This process along with the PeeBe Gone cleaning agents, provide astounding relief from odor & urine discoloration.

This process works without lifting the carpet & replacing the underlay as we have needed to in years past. In most instances, we are able to promise an 85 - 90% improvement in your home!

We provide onsite quotes only for this service, which includes using a urine detector to tell us exactly where and how much urine there is. Once we have determined the quantity & size of contamination we are dealing with, we then provide a detailed plan of action and expected results for your home.

We charge a temporary $35 service fee for this inspection and assessment. However, this fee is deducted from our invoice when you hire us for our urine treatment program.

Call or email us today to set up your appointment for your PetCare assessment. To read more about pets, push the 'tell me more' button.

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