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Area RugCare

Yes, we do Area Rugs! Lots of them! From inexpensive to wool & silk. We'll take exceptional care of your rug with our 'in-plant' service.

We often come to your home (locally) to assess the rug, provide a quote, pick it up, & return it again as part of our standard service. Our RugCare is unlike anyone else in Southern Alberta because or the specialty equipment  we use & we GUARANTEE no one else can get them as clean as we do!

Lots of information below, then click on the 'tell me more' button above for even more details!

Rugs are exquisite and fascinating! We love learning about their rich history, what makes any given rug unique & special. Rugs come in thousand's of types, names, designs, construction styles, dye structures, some with fringe, some without, some in abnormal shapes & some from countries all over the world!

We confess it is going to be impossible to cover all the rug types and how we deal with them at our rug cleaning plant in Lethbridge, AB (find our plant on this map), but we'll cover some of the basic groups of rugs in this helpful guide.

Many clients prefer to use our cash & carry service where they bring them to our office & save money by doing that. Others prefer that we come to your home to assess your rug, pick it up & deliver it again. Your choice!

I have a Wool Rug I have an Inexpensive Rug I have another kind of rug

Wool Rugs

If you have a wool rug, you will have 1 of 3 general types. First is hand made & hand knotted, usually expensive - a fine inspection of the backside will reveal different knot sizes, uneven rows etc. Second is machine made, semi costly - recognizable by the single or paired white threads usually running the length of the rug, spaced apart by 3/8 - 5/8" and third is machine tufted, found at several stores in Lethbridge, semi economical - recognized by usually having a white solid fabric on the back & no weaving knots can be seen, sometime yellowish glue is seen at edges & folds. The first one is considered a family heirloom and lasts more than a century depending on its care. The second may last 40 - 100 years. And the third 20 - 30, but sometimes less than 15.

All rugs are cared for in the following manner. But limitations are set by how the rug is constructed and dye material stability. No rug will get all of these potential steps, but every one will receive no less than 6 of these steps. Most rugs will receive 10 - 12 of these steps. Heavily urine contaminated rugs often receive 14 - 15 steps. Logically, the more things we do to a rug to get it as clean as possible, the more the costs that are associated with it's cleaning.

Pre-Inspect Assess to determine methods for best results
Vacuum the most basic way to remove bulk soils
Rug Dusting the way to get out very fine sands & soils hidden deep in the pile & foundation yarn construction
Pre-spray cleaning agents applied as to start the remaining soil removal
Pre-soak or in 'wash pit' soaking for specific types of soil removal
Pre-treat urine, ink and some other unique items need to be treated or removed before overall cleaning can begin
Loosen soils by hand brushing some rugs must be cleaned by hand from end to end
Loosen soils by mechanical agitation a standard for many rugs
Flush soils by Pit wash in olden Persian times most rug washing was done 'in the river'. We re-create that process in our plant - with clean water!
Flush soils by extraction commonly called 'Steam cleaning', normal carpet flushing tools are used to remove soils that are loose & ready to go.
Flush soils by Showcase some specific rugs are best cleaned by this method.(more info here)
Post- treat there may be a spot that still needs further attention
Apply Protector some rug fibre types need a protector - others do not
Groom to set pile rugs dry faster and look best when the pile of the rug is standing nice & tall
Flat dry some rugs are dried laying flat, some face up & some face down
Hang dry rugs are hung in our dry tower, either end to end or "over the barrel" depending on their specific construction weave styles
Stretch dry some rugs need to be stretched before they can get wet at all & need to remain being stretched out until they are dry.
Fringe cleaning done by hand!
Inspect for results that count!
Roll & package for client pick up from our cleaning plant or for us to deliver.

Inexpensive Rugs

If you have an less expensive synthetic rug, many will have 3 potential types. First is 'machine made', recognizable by the single or pair of white lines usually running the length of the rug. Second type is 'hand tufted', usually having a colorful scene on the face yarn involving usually more than 6 color choices on the face yarns with solid white backing where you cannot see the knots of how the rug is made. Third choice is machine tufted, usually less than 3 color choices on the face yarn, still has the solid white backing. These rugs are made from synthetic fibres of Mod-acrylic. Acrylic, Polypropylene / Olefin, Polyester, Nylon or Rayon /Viscose fibres. Each one of these fibres has its own unique cleaning requirements and the construction style limits what processes above we can incorporate into the cleaning process.

Other Rugs

If you have other kinds of rugs, then this is where the fun begins. Rugs are being made with all kinds of other unusual materials. Most of this category will be hand woven with fibres usually coming from plant life materials. Jute, Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp and on & on. There is plenty of other unusual rugs too, even leather straps! Many of these rugs have limited cleanability. For example, some have dyes that wash away with simple water. Others are not woven stable enough to handle cleaning. The best way we can help you with these rugs is to bring them into our office so we can examine & assess them, and we'll talk about it from there.

If you have a very inexpensive rug, it often can be cleaned once or twice & then it becomes a handy dandy disposable rug. Often cleaning costs match the cost of replacement. We also recognize though that many of these rugs have the right color tones to match the home decor & therefore are worth cleaning and saving. Many of these rugs may have a jute foundation yarn which causes very slight shrinkage - most often visible before is first cleaning (ie can you see a slight wrinkle at the edge?) Cleaning will not eliminate the existing wrinkles.

What now? Go have a look at your rug! Look at the label if it has one - usually located in one corner & read it. Look at the back of the rug to see if you can tell what kind of construction it has. Figure an approximate size. Then call us with these 'clues' so we can give you the best answers we can over the phone. Or simply bring it with you to our plant. We are usually here from 9AM- 5 PM Monday- Friday. Occasionally we need to step out for a few minutes once or twice a week, so we recommend always phoning ahead at 403--394-7847 to be sure we are here. Sometimes we are working in the back of our plant & you'll find a note on the door to 'ring bell for service' as well.

A common question we will answer is "Can rugs be cleaned in your home"? The official answer is 'yes' - "some" soils are removed with in-home cleaning... but several problems occur with that idea which really limit potential results.

  1. What damage is done to the floor below?
  2. You are limited to basic carpet cleaning processes such as Steam Cleaning or Showcase Carpet Cleaning.
  3. Rug Dusting is not an option. Rug dusting - knocking out ground in sand & dirt - is considered a primary & required part of rug care!
  4. Drying issues - some dyes bleed when not dry fast enough, many rug fibre types are very moisture absorbent and take a long time to dry.
  5. It simply does not clean as good as we do in plant! too many limitations!

We'd love to meet you & your rugs of all kinds, from very expensive silk, to very inexpensive door mats - bring them on down & we'll do our absolute best with your treasured rugs! Call us today @ 381-0015 for more information, or if you would like to have our IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner give you an assessment of your rug.

NO Gimmicks, NO Sales Pressure, NO Hidden Charges, NO Kidding!!!